Chapter 2: ANALOGY


Analogy is to recognize the relationships between words and to select two words that have a similar relationship as the preceding words.

Common relationships between words:

Barometer Pressure
Thermometer Temperature
Anemometer wind speed
Hygrometer humidity
Odometer Distance travelled
Ammeter Current
Syphgmomanometer blood pressure

Force newton
energy joule
weight/mass kilogram
power watt
volume liter
Temperature degree
luminosity candela
Pressure pascal

Sailor Crew
Cattle herd
Singer chorus
Sheep flock
bees swarm
soldier army

horse mare
dog bitch
stag doe
drone bee

Dwelling place
Dog kennel
Bee Apiary
Fish Aquarium
Birds Aviary
Horse Stable

Ornithology birds
Astronomy space
Astrology future
Botany plants
Zoology animals
Siesmology earthquakes
Anthropology man
Pathology disease
Taxonomy classification
Paleantology fossils

Intensity [higher form of word]
Anger Rage
Wish desire
Famous renowned
Unhappy sad
Kindle burn
Moist drench
Refuse deny

Synonym  [ has same or similar meaning ]
Abode dwelling
Blend mix
Ban prohibit
Abduct kidnap
dearth scarcity
sedate calm
Fallacy illusion
Flaw defect
Haughty proud
Solicit request
Dissipate squander

Antonym [ has opposite meaning ]
Attack defend
advance retreat
fresh stale
Mourn rejoice
Lethargic alert
cordial hostile
gradual abrupt

Problems and Answers

Q. obsolete: contemporary
Opt. past:future; old fashioned: stylish; future:present; past:present;
A. past: present

Q. Kindness : hostility
Opt. deception:confidence; walking:running; giant:pygmy; dissent:commotion
A. deception:confidence

Q. Frugality: parsimoniousness
Opt. joy:ecstasy; poverty:misery; rich:poor; love:hate
A. joy:ecstacy

Q. tipsy:drunken
Opt. intelligent:dumb; generous:cheerful; pleased:thrilled; sensible:lively
A. pleased: thrilled

Q. Arc: curve
Opt. triangle:base; rectangle:square; square:polygon; revolution:distance

Q. speech:slander
Opt. magazine:book; screen:movie; writing:libel; scribble:note
A. writing:libel

Word Groups

The student's vocabulary and logic shall be tested. The question has 4 words and the user has to identify the word that doesn't belong to the group.

Q. statue, statute, statuette, sculpture

A.  statute - means law

Q. xylophone, cymbals, kettledrum, waltz

A. waltz is a dance form not music instrument.

Q. calf, pup, ewe, piglet

A. ewe - adult female sheep

Q. Gill, yard, stick, mile

A.  stick isn't a standard measure

Q. despise, vituperate, loathe, renege

A. renege - to withdraw from promise

Q. gainsay, deny, aver, rebuff

A. aver means to report and other words are for challenging the validity.

Q. despondent, morose, melancholic, indifferent

A. indifferent - as others mean sadness

Q. hinder, thwart, precipitate, forestall

A. precipitate

Q. Book, paper, pencil, pen, sharpener
A. Book - its not a stationery item

Q. Sun, moon, stars, mars, universe
A. Universe is a collection

Q. Hostel, hotel, club, inn , motel
A. club - its not a lodging place

Q. arc, diagonal, tangent, radius, diameter
A. diagonal - others are associated with circles.

Q. Plassey, panipat, kurukshetra, haldighat, sarnath
A. sarnath - isn't a place where a famous war was fought.

Q. Pound, yen, ounce, franc, dollar
A. ounce - weight not currency

Q. inch, foot, yard, quart, meter
A. quart

Q. axe, sword, knife, shovel, saw
A. shovel - not used for cutting

Q. uncle, cousin, brother, nephew, niece
A. brother - direct relation unlike others.

Q. boil, peel, roast, fry
A. peel - others are forms of cooking

Q. ruffian, gangster, criminal, paragon, pirate
A. paragon - meaning is ideal person
Q. silk, cotton, flax, jute, nylon
A. nylon - is artifical fiber

Chapter Review

Score more than 80% marks and move ahead else stay back and read again!