Introduction to Culture

  • It is comprising of a wide variety of human behavior. It evolved human capacity to act creatively and  represent experiences with symbols.
  • Culture is a ensemble of social forms, material traits which cant be attributed to a genetic inheritance of racial, social group.
  •  Art too is an aspect of culture and is influenced heavily by it. Architecture is described as an art of organizing space functionally and beautifully.
  • Indian artists were known for transmitting spiritual contents into their plastic forms embodying the high ideals and common beliefs of people. Indian art represents ancient India's faiths, beliefs, customs and manners.

Visual Arts

Indian Architecture – Art of designing and making buildings. Architecture involves aesthetic appeal. It also requires engineering skills.

Art and Culture of Indus valley civilization

1.      Town planning, public bath, granaries, dockyard.

2.      Sculpture of stone and bronze. Seals

3.      Ornaments and pottery



Features of their Art: 

1.      Indigenous art with no outside influence.

2.      No integral use of sculpture.

3.      Walled cities for security. Use of burnt bricks.

4.    No evidence of temples or religious structures. Existence of assembly halls, workshop, hostels and marketplace.

5.    Citadel area represents political authority and houses elite class. Non citadel areas are for lower classes.

6.     House of fixed size. There are made using stones, wood. Houses have bath, upper storeys. Public buildings, business centers and courtyards found.

7.      Dockyard at Lothal located away from the river to avoid deposition of silt. It had gates to regulate entry of water to the port.

8.      Sculptor was adept in his art and could fashion both realistically and in stylish manner. Hand made terracotta sculptures.

9.      Bronze sculptures made using lost wax technique.

10.  Pottery was wheel based. Pots had red color background and black color used for making designs.

Lothal port
                                                               Fig 1: Lothal Port


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