Indian Paintings

Principle Limb of paintingMeaning
RupabhedaVariety of form
SadrisyanPortrayal of likeliness of the subject
BhavaCreation of lustre and gleam with colors
VarnikabhangaMixing of colors to resemble effects of modelling
PramanamProportion of the object or subject
LavanyayoganamImmersions of emotion

Prehistoric paintings

Classification of Indian Paintings

Ajanta Caves paintings

Ellora Caves paintings

Bagh Caves Paintings

Annamalai cave paintings

Sittanavasal cave paintings

Ravan chhaya rock shelter

Lepakshi Paintings

Miniature Paintings

Pala school of art

Apabramasa school of art - Gujarat and Mewar regions

Transition Period Miniature

Miniature Art during Delhi Sultanate

Miniature Art during Mughal Era

Early Mughal Painters

Miniature paintings during Akbars reign

Miniature paintings during Jahangir's reign

Shah Jahan

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