Visual Arts

It is the design and construction of buildingsit is relatively smaller work of 3D art
Uses a mixture of materials such as stone, wood, glass, metal, sand.Uses a single type of material for a single sculpture
Involves study of engineering mathematics and detailed accurate measurementsInvolves creativity and imagination and may not depend heavily on accurate measurements.

Harappan Art and Architecture

Architecture in Harappa civilization

Features of Harappan Seals

Bronze Figures




Mauryan Art and Architecture


Ashokan pillarAchaemenian pillar
shaft is made up single sandstone.shaft is made up of multiple sandstones cemented together
Were independently erected by royal ordersWere attached to official buildings.

Popular Art

Post Mauryan Art - Rock cut caves


Gandhara schoolMathura schoolAmaravati school
influence of indo greek artindeginous influenceindeginous influence
earlier period used bluish grey sandstone and later mud and stuccored sandstonewhite marble
focused on buddhist imagery that had greco roman styleinfluence of hinduism, jainism and buddhisminfluence of buddhism
patronised by kushanakushanasatvahana
developed in northwest frontier provincemathuralower krishna godavari valley
buddha is shown in spiritual state with few ornaments and in yogic posture.Buddha is shown in delighted mood with smiling face. Buddha is seated in padmasanaSculptures were a part of narrative art and depicted life of buddha i.e. jataka tales. Buddha is in both animal and human form.

Gupta Empire - Golden age of Indian architecture

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