Economic Survey of India

The following topics were kept in mind while designing the content of Course Economic Survey of India.

  • Current affairs on Indian economy, finance, budget, banking theory.
  • Industrial development, Regulatory bodies, Statutory and constitutional bodies.
  • Industrial policy. Trade policies. Government schemes for Infrastructure, Energy, Health, Education.
  • Economic theory, Food processing sector, Issues related to Agriculture and Irrigation.

Economic survey of India provides material of current affairs in economy of india and world. It also provides content for General Studies Paper - III.

Economic Survey Index
Sr.No Chapter
01 Economic Outlook, Prospects and Policy Challenges
02 Chakravyuh
03 Spreading JAM across Indian Economy
04 Economics Of Agriculture
05 Economic Survey of India - Volume 1
06 Economic Survey of India -Volume 2
07 Economic Survey of India -Volume 3