India Yearbook

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  • Current affairs on India, History, Geography, Culture, Economy, Polity, Agriculture, Environment.
  • Industrial development, Government departments, PSU's, Regulatory bodies, Statutory and constitutional bodies.
  • Important National and International Events.
  • Government Schemes.

India Yearbook is released every year and is a treasure of information for aspirants of all exams. It covers a vast area of topics which are asked in preliminary tests, subjective questions and interviews. The below index provides all the chapters as a complete and short summary.

India Yearbook Index
Sr.No Chapter
01 Land And People
02 National Symbols
03 Indian Commerce
04 Communications And IT
05 Defence
06 Education
07 Energy
08 Environment
09 Finance
10 Corporate Affairs
11 Food And Supplies
12 Health And Family Welfare
13 Housing
14 Indian Industry
15 Niti Aayog
16 States And Union Territories
17 Science And Technology