1. An interrogative pronoun is a pronoun which is used to make asking questions easy. There are just five interrogative pronouns. Each one is used to ask a very specific question or indirect question.

  2. What – Used to ask questions about people or objects.

  3. Which – Used to ask questions about people or objects.

  4. Who – Used to ask questions about people

  5. Whom – This interrogative pronoun used to ask questions about people

  6. Whose – Used to ask questions about people or objects, always related to possession

Question Answer
--- wishes to see you? who
--- do you wish to see? whom / what
--- did she say was the winner? who
--- did he invite? who
--- shall I give this to? whom
--- do men say that I am? what/who
--- do you believe did this? who
About --- are you speaking? whom/what
--- did you see? who/what
--- do you mean? what/who
To --- did you give the key? whom
--- of the girls can sew the best? which
By --- was the book written? whom
--- are you seeking? what
--- of you has done this? which

  1. A Verb is a word that tells or asserts something about a person or thing.

  2. A Verb is a word used to tell or assert something about some person or thing

  3. "The boy kicks the football." - The action denoted by the verb kicks passes over from the doer or subject boy to some Object football. The verb kicks is, therefore, called a Transitive Verb.

  4. "The boy laughs loudly." - The action denoted by the verb laughs stops with the doer or Subject boy and does not pass over to an Object, The verb laughs is, therefore, called an Intransitive Verb

Questions Type of verb Object
The sun shines brightly. Intransitive
The boy cut his hand with a knife. transitive his hand
The clock stopped this morning. Intransitive
The policeman blew his whistle. transitive his whistle
The sun rises in the east. Intransitive
An old beggar stood by the gate. Intransitive
The clock ticks all day long. Intransitive
I looked down from my window. Intransitive
Put away your books. transitive your books
The moon rose early. Intransitive
The cat sleeps on the rug. Intransitive
Cocks crow in the morning. Intransitive
Your book lies on the table. Intransitive
The fire burns dimly. Intransitive
Time changes all things. transitive all things

  1. Find the subject (the main character of the sentence). Find the main verb (the action that the sentence identifies). Examine the relationshipbetween the subject and main verb.

  2. Does the subject perform the action of the main verb? (If so, the sentence is active.) Does the subject sit there while something else — named or unnamed — performs an action on it? (If so, the sentence is passive.)

  3. The subject of an active voice sentence performs the action of the verb: “I throw the ball.”

  4. The subject of a passive voice sentence is still the main character of the sentence, but something else performs the action: “The ball is thrown by me.

Question Answer
The cat killed the mouse. killed - active
We compelled the enemy to surrender. compelled - active
The boy was bitten by a dog. was bitten - passive
The thief was caught. was caught - passive
The boy made a kite. was caught
The ship was burned. was burned - passive
The young man made a disturbance at the meeting. made - active
The captive was bound to a tree. was bound -passive
The bird was killed by a cruel boy. was killed - passive
The sudden noise frightened the horse. frightened - active
He is loved by all. is loved - passive
The exhibition was opened by the Governor. was opened - passive
I see a dark cloud. see - active
His command was promptly obeyed was obeyed - passive
Some of the cargo had been damaged by the sea water. had been damaged - passive

Questions Answers
The cat killed the mouse. he mouse was killed by the cat
The man cut down the tree. the tree was cut down by the man
Columbus discovered America. America was discovered by columbus
His teacher praised him He was praised by his teacher
The boy teased the dog. The dog was teased by the boy
The syce feeds the horse every day. The horse is fed by the syce everyday
The police arrested him He was arrested by the police
Rama was making a kite A kite was being made by Ram
The boy caught the ball. The ball was caught by the boy
My father will write a letter. a letter will be written by my father

Questions Answer
We saw you and him. You and he were seen by us
They asked me my name. My name was asked by him
We refused them admission They were refused admission
I bought the baby a doll. A doll was bought for the baby
They found him guilty of murder. He was found guilty of murder
A thunderstorm often turns milk sour. Milk is often turned sour by a thunderstorm
You cannot pump the ocean dry. The ocean cannot be pumped dry
They saw the storm approaching. The storm was seen approaching
He keeps me waiting. I am kept waiting
They painted the house red. The house was painted red
He told me to leave the room. I was told to leave the room
He promised me a present. I was promised a present
I shall order the carriage. The carriage will be ordered
The boy is climbing the cliff. The cliff is being climbed by the boy
One may accomplish many things by a little effort. Many things can be accomplished by a little effort

Question Answer
He was praised by his father. his father praised him
The first railway was built by George Stephenson. george stephenson built the first railway
The horse was frightened by the noise. The noise frightened the horse
Not a word was spoken by Latif. Latif didnot speak a word
The teacher was pleased with the boy's work. The boys work pleased the teacher
He was taken to the hospital by his friends. His friends took him to the hospital
The town was destroyed by an earthquake. An earthquake destroyed the town
The road was lined with people. People lined the road
The President was welcomed by the people. The people welcomed the president
Shakuntala was written by Kalidas. Kalidas wrote shakuntala