• A Conjunction is a word which merely joins together sentences, and sometimes words. Conjunctions join together sentences and often make them more compact

  • Some Conjunction are used in pairs

    • Either-or -- Either take it or leave it.

    • Neither-nor -- It is neither useful nor ornamental.

    • Both-and -- We both love and honour him

    • Though-yet (rare in current English) -- Though he is suffering much pain, yet he does not complain.

    • Whether-or -- I do not care whether you go or stay.

    • Not only-But also -- Not only he is foolish, but also obstinate.

Question Answer
You will not succeed unless you work harder. unless
We arrived after you had gone after
I waited till the train arrived. till
Bread and milk is wholesome food. and
You will get the prize if you deserve it- if
When you are called, you must come in at when
Do not go before I come. before
I cannot give you any money, for I have none for
Since you say so, I must believe it. since
He fled lest he should be killed. lest

Question Answer
Be just --- fear not. and
I ran fast, --- I missed the train. but
He fled, --- he was afraid. for
Make haste, --- you will be late. or / else/ otherwise
--- you try, you will not succeed unless
I am sure --- he said so that
Wait --- I return. till
Do not go --- I come. till
He finished first --- he began late. though / although
Take care --- you fall lest
Take a lamp, --- the night is dark. as / because
---he was ambitious I slew him. as / because
Open rebuke is better --- secret love. than
--- you eat too much you will be ill. if
I shall not go --- I am invited. unless

Question Answer
He came before me. Preposition
He came two hours before. Adverb
He came before I left. Conjunction
Have you ever seen him since? Adverb
I have not seen him since Monday. Preposition
I have not seen him since he was a child. Conjunction
Man wants but little here below. Adverb
He yearns for nothing but money. Preposition
We shall go, but you will remain Conjunction
He arrived after the meeting was adjourned. Conjunction
He arrived after the meeting. Preposition
He arrived soon after. Adverb

  • An Interjection is a word which expresses some sudden feeling or emotion.

    • Hello! What are you doing there?

    • Alas! He is dead.

    • Hurrah! We have won the game.

    • Ah! Have they gone?

    • Oh! I got such a fright.

    • Hush! Don't make a noise.

    • Such words as Hello! Alas! Hurrah! Ah! etc. are called Interjections

  • They are used to express some sudden feeling or emotion. It will be noticed that they are not grammatically related to the other words in a sentence.

    • Hurrah! Huzza!

    • alas!

    • ha! What! bravo! Ah me! For shame! Well done! Good gracious!