Increment and Decrement Operators

Write a function squeeze(s,c), which removes all occurrences of the character "c" from the string "s" [Hint : Use Increment and Decrement Operators].

Write a function strcat(s,t), which concatenates the string t to the end of string s [Hint : Use Increment and Decrement Operators].

Bitwise Operators

Q. Write a program with function : getbits(x,4,3) that returns the three bits in positions 4, 3 and 2, right-adjusted.

Assignment Operators and Expressions

Q. Write a function bitcount that counts the number of 1-bits in its integer argument.

Conditional Expressions

Q. Write a loop that prints "n" elements of an array, 10 per line, with each column separated by one blank, and with each line (including the last) terminated by a newline.

Additional Notes :

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