Chapter 6: EUROPE


In the east the Ural mountains range is present. Then the north European plain followed by plateau and then Iberian peninsula. Below the plateau is the alps mountain range.

landforms of europe
Fig 1: European landforms

In the north we have the Bay of Biscay, English Channel, North Sea and the Baltic sea from west to east. In he south we get the Mediterranean sea which is connected to the Atlantic ocean by the strait of Gibraltar.

gibraltar strait
Fig 2: Gibraltar strait

Ruhr – Rhine region is one of the largest industrial regions in the world. Ruhr has bituminous coal, steel, manufacturing and chemical factories.

Climate of Europe is steppe type in east, Mediterranean type in south, British type in north and taiga type in Scandinavian region.

climate of europe
Fig 3: Climate zones in Europe

forests in europe
Fig 3: Forest in Europe

European countries are largest growers and consumers of wine.

Brent Crude Oil:

Sweet light crude oil. Sweet means low sulfur content. Light means produces higher amount of petrol, diesel after refining. Major oil price benchmark for Atlantic basin crude oil.

Other oil: West Texas Intermediate [W.T.I] – sweetest and lightest oil.

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