Sudan achieved independence from British in 1956. Sudan was ruled from Khartoum by a small group of Arab elites. These groups were not interested in creating a welfare state but only in building a powerful empire.

The peripheral states of Sudan like Darfur and South Sudan thus became the poorest and most backward areas.

Rebel groups emerged here to seize power from the kings and get greater control over these regions.

The kings too responded by arming and training ethnically based militias and granting them full freedom to unleash violence on the rebels.

The Leader of the government already has a warrant issued by the International Criminal Court for genocide.

South Sudan and Darfur conflict

Reasons for the Conflicts:

Darfur Conflict South Sudan Conflict
Tension over land and grazing rights between the nomadic arabs and the tribal africans. Tensions as South Sudan feels that the North is taking away money from natural resoures found in the South but not doing much development.
Government of Omar Al Bashir supports Junjaweed militias that kill innocent tribals and the tribal militias then attack sunni villages in revenge. Government of Omar Al Bashir supports Arab militias that kills arican villagers and sells them as slaves to the North. However South Sudan has got independence from the North.