Schedule 1: Name and extent of State and UT's.

        Schedule 2:  Emoluments, allowances, privileges of constitutional authorities.

        Schedule 3: Forms of oaths for constitutional authorities

        Schedule 4: Seat allocation in Rajya Sabha

        Schedule 5: Administration and control of scheduled areas and tribes.

        Schedule 6: Administration of tribal areas of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, and Mizoram.

        Schedule 7: Division of powers: Union, state, concurrent list.

        Schedule 8: Languages recognized by the constitution.

        Schedule 9: Law within this schedule are protected from judicial review.

        Schedule 10: Anti defection

        Schedule 11: Rural local government

        Schedule 12: Urban local government

Q. The provisions in the Fifth Schedule and Sixth Schedule in the Constitution of India are made in order to (UPSC CSAT 2015)

  • protect the interests of Scheduled Tribes

  • determine the boundaries between states

  • determine the powers, authorities, and responsibilities of Panchayats

  • protect the interests of all the border States

Ans . A

  1. This is to ensure that the local tribal practices, customs, religious laws, social and political institutions are not tampered with.


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