In 1950, there was a fourfold classification of states: Part A, B, C, and D. In 1948 there was a demand for a linguistic basis to create states particularly from south India.


The Dhar commission appointed to study this issue suggested administrative rather than linguism as basis for reorganisation. Since this was resented JVP commission [J Nehru – Sardar V Patel – P Sittaramaiya] was created and this too rejected linguistic reasons to create states.

However after the death of Potti Sriramallu on hunger strike for a separate state to Telugu speaking areas, congress created Andhra Pradesh.

The similar demand from other side led the government to appoint Fazl Ali committee that accepted linguistic basis as one of the four important points for creating states. The government accepted the report and passed the state reorganization act and 7th amendment. So 16 states and 6 UT were created.


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