Chapter 10:FLOWERS


Flowers can be Unisexual [male or female reproductive parts] or Bisexual [both reproductive organs]. Male / Female unisexual and bisexual flowers can be on same plant or different plants.

Parts of a Flower

Petals – Prominent parts of an open flower.

Sepals – Small leaf like structures enclosing petals

Stamens [male reproductive part] – Inner parts of the flower are made of anthers [pollen grains or male gametes present here] and filaments.

Pistil [female reproductive part] – Inner parts of the flower contains ovary, style, stigma. Ovary has ovules [egg or female gametes here].

Process of Reproduction in Plants

Transfer of pollen to stigma is called pollination. It can happen by agents like wind, water or insects. It can be self pollination [if pollen falls on stigma of same flower] or cross pollination [if it falls on stigma of different flower of same plant or different plant of same kind]

The male and female gamete fuse to form zygote [fertilization], zygote becomes an embryo.

After fertilization, ovary becomes fruit and ovules become seeds. Seeds contain the embryo. Other parts fall off.

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