Chapter 11:SOIL


Soil has the following layers:

Topsoil or A-Horizon: Humus, top most layer, retains water, provides shelter to organisms

B-Horizon: Middle layer, harder and more compact

C-Horizon: Rocky

Bedrock: last layer.

Soil is clayey if proportion of fine particles is more, sandy if proportion of big particles is more and loamy if equal proportion of fine and big particles. Loamy soil is best for plants, sandy soil is well drained and clayey soil retains water.

Clayey soil used for making pots, toys and statues.

Types of Crops:

Kharif crops: Grown in rainy season from June to September.

Rabi crops: Grown from October to march during winter season. e.g.: wheat, rapeseed, mustard, linseed, gram and pea.

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