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Verbal Ability and English

Read Instructions for the test.

  1. Negative marks are -0.33 per wrong answer
  2. Right answer is 1 mark
  3. No time limit but finish in 30 mins
  4. Solution can be found at below chapters:

Test series is based on following chapters.

  1. Aptitude Chapter 1: Sentence Completion
  2. Aptitude Chapter 1-A: Sentence Completion (20 Questions)

Match the word with its meaning and complete the test

Word Meaning
Extrovert a. hates people
Misogynist b. is interested in the welfare of others
Infants c. to change
Ego d. hatred of marriage
Pedagogy e. turns thoughts outwards
Skeletal system f. hates women
Misogamy g. philosophy of putting another’s welfare above one’s own
Gauche h. pediatrician
Altruism i. one’s concept of oneself
To alter j. principles of teaching
Misanthrope k. awkward
Ambivert l. orthopedist
Polygamy m. turns thoughts both inwards and outwards
Asceticism n. skilful
Demagoguery o. dermatologist
Altruist p. custom in which one man has many wives
Alteration q. neurologist
Egomaniacal r. ophthalmologist
Dexterous s. devotion to a lonely and austere life
Eyes t. a change
Skin u. study of female ailments
Nervous system v. elephant
Pachyderm w. morbidly, obsessively wrapped up in oneself
24. Taxidermy x. stirring up discontent among the masses
Gynecology y. stuffing of skins of animals