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Verbal Ability and English

Read Instructions for the test.

  1. Negative marks are -0.33 per wrong answer
  2. Right answer is 1 mark
  3. No time limit but finish in 30 mins
  4. Solution can be found at below chapters:

Test series is based on following chapters.

  1. Aptitude Chapter 1: Sentence Completion
  2. Aptitude Chapter 1-A: Sentence Completion (20 Questions)

Passage for Q19 to Q21

There is plenty written about the wealth divide in the U.S. economy. But there is another important divide the one between consumers and corporations. If you look at how U.S. households have been behaving __1261__ you’d think it was all blue skies. Consumer confidence is at a five-year high, thanks to higher stock prices and a (__271__ in the housing market. Home prices have had their biggest jump since 2005. Consumers, finally feeling more __1281__ are buying that new car or electronic gadget and bolstering GDP growth a bit. The wealth gap between America’s high income group and everyone else has __1291__ record high levels since the economic recovery from the Great Recession of 2007-09, with a clear __1301__ of increasing wealth for the upper-income families and no wealth growth for the middle- and lower-income families.

Passage for Q22 to Q25

One World Trade Centre is viewed as a statement of hope, a marvel of persistence and a miracle of logistics. As years passed after the tragedy at the site at which it was since constructed and the delays kept mounting. Americans began to (26) what’s taking so long ? Have we lost the capacity to rebuild ? The answer in part was the sheer (27) of the project – 10000 workers at-tempting one of the most difficult construction projects ever in one of the most densely populated cities on Earth (28) the funds allotted for the project were estimated as $ 1.5 billion when he design was unveiled but the price tag just kept going up. Other (29) included the weather in the harsh sun of summer the steel beams could reach temperatures that were not enough to singe skin added to which a hurricane (30) the construction site. The monument may not be all things to all people, but its completion signifies that ambition coupled with determination of people in the face of odds is intact and will always win the day