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Verbal Ability and English

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  1. Negative marks are -0.33 per wrong answer
  2. Right answer is 1 mark
  3. No time limit but finish in 30 mins
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Test series is based on following chapters.

  1. Aptitude Chapter 2: ANALOGY

REARRANGE the following 6 sentences to form a meaningful paragraph. Then choose the rearrangement from OPTIONS

  1. Colony losses last year weren’t as dramatic as the declines associated with Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), which was first identified in October 2006.

  2. Beekeepers tapped for the survey manage a total of 400,000 colonies, representing about 14.5 percent of the United States’ honeybee colonies

  3. Overall, colony losses during the 12-month period that ended in April reached 42.1 percent — the second-highest annual loss to date

  4. Summer colony losses reached 27.4 percent, exceeding winter losses that came in at 23.7 percent.

  5. For the first time, beekeepers watched more of their colonies disappear during the summer than in winter

  6. A new survey outlining honeybee colony losses in the U.S. has scientists scratching their heads

  1. When these millennium development goals were first formulated in 1990, 53.5 percent of all Indian children were malnourished.

  2. This would still be below that target of reducing malnourishment to 28.6 percent.

  3. India has been moderately successful in reducing poverty.

  4. Since then, progress has been slow.

  5. Today, it is estimated that malnourishment could decline to 40 percent by the end of 2015.

  6. However, eradicating malnourishment along with poverty still remains a key challenge, according to the millennium Development Goals.

  1. Others were shown advertisements of more affordable stuff, such as smartphones

  2. This experience shows the complexities of advertising today, when it is so easy for dissatisfied customers to make their voices heard.

  3. Moreover, some of those not shown the advertisement complained, referring to themselves as , or (putting it politely)losers.

  4. But its advertisement was shown only to those whose profiles suggested they were potential buyers of expensive cars.

  5. Eventually, this bruised a few egos.

  6. Earlier this year a carmaker advertised on WeChat, a popular messaging app in China with around 550m monthly users.

  1. Global investors are quaking over the prospect of a devastating stump in the world's second biggest economy.

  2. A possible answer could be that the country's troubles raise doubts about whether its policymakers have the tools to keep their economy growing at a healthy place something that has been a constant reassurance for more than two decades.

  3. And they are fast losing confidence that the country's policymakers, seemingly so sure-footed in the past know how to solve the problem.

  4. However, such a domino effect is significant but hardly catastrophic so why the hysteria?

  5. China is exporting something new to the world economy - Fear?

  6. Apart from the shrinking confidence, the biggest fear is that a collapsing Chinese economy would- derail others around the world from emerging markets in Chile and Indonesia to industrial powers such as the United States.

  1. Its undefined. No one knows if you reach it. It gives the flexibility to revise it later, he added.

  2. of late doubts are being raised concerning the health of the world's second largest economy, china.

  3. this change is relatively small but suggests that the country's effort to meet its official growth target was tougher than it seemed.

  4. it comes as worries grow that china will struggle to reach this year's goal of about 7%.

  5. Thats the beauty of using 'about' in your targets said IHS global insights economist Brian Jackson

  6. The reasons for these doubts stem from the fact the country revised its 2014 growth rate to 7.3% from 7.5% due to a weaker than reported contribution from the services sector.