gopal-shetty-bjp-mp-loksabha-borivli Name: Shri Gopal Shetty
Lok Sabha MP 2014- Constituency Mumbai North
Party BJP Age 63
Religion Hindu Assumed office 16 May 2014
Question Answers
What are your roles and responsibilities in the Modi Government
  1. Member, Parliamentary committee on Finance

  2. Member, Parliamentary committee on Textiles

  3. Member, Joint Parliamentary committee

How was your political journey?

I had the privilege of occupying the following important posts in government.

  1. Deputy mayor of Mumbai

  2. President of Mumbai BJP

  3. Member of various political committees

Why did you join politics ?

I worked for improvement of various facilities in my locality. This brought into contact with political parties. Due to my energy, enthusiasm and hard work the party members of BJP invited me to join them which I accepted.

In 1992 I was asked to run for elections for the first time. But I declined as I had got success in my dye-making business and wanted to continue that.

It was the Mumbai unit President of BJP at that time Hon. Ram Naik ji who urged me to reconsider. Finally I accepted and contested elections. Since then I have won 6 times and currently am the Lok Sabha MP.

What are your top demands for the constituency ?
  1. To build a multi-super speciality hospital in my constituency has been my key demand and I am working to achieve this.

  2. I also want to solve the problems of rail travelers. I have given Borivali railway station a facelift and now my focus is on doing the same for Dahisar, Kandivli and Malad stations.

  3. I have also given 12000 free of cost piped gas connections to households. My efforts have benefited 40000 families so far. Currently, I have aim to provide water connections to slum dwellers so that they can get access to this basic facility at low cost.

  4. I have continuously worked to solve problems faced by residents of my constituency and shall continue to do so. Traffic problem in Mumbai is becoming very serious and I am happy that the Devendra Fadnavis government has achieved many things in solving this problem like Metro projects, Coastal roads etc. Within 5 years these projects shall solve the traffic woes faced by people.

What is your biggest achievement
  1. Green revolution that I started in Borivli by planting trees, renovating parks and playgrounds. This has been adopted in entire Mumbai.

  2. I also started 8 dialysis centers in Borivli Kandivli area. To give treatment at minimum cost. This project has got acceptance from Municipal corporation of Mumbai and the state and central governments.

  3. I started a scheme in the area where I used to stay in my childhood, by collecting contribution of Rs. 5 from each resident to get sewers and public toilets cleaned. BMC has now adopted the scheme as Dattak Vasti Yojana (DVY).

  4. This was a big achievement for me as a project that I had started has now been adopted by the BMC for the entire city

  5. My guide Ram Naikji would be at his constituency office for 3 days in a week and I too have followed his example and am present at my office on all days when Lok Sabha isnt in session.

  6. Solving the peoples problems gives my mental satisfaction.

What is the reform which you would like to bring ?

Personally I would like to bring changes into the mentality of the bureaucracy. The public faces a lot of hurdles due to the attitude of the bureaucracy . I want to arouse the nations youth to bring change in this.

What is your message to the youth of your constituency?

There is plenty of scope in this country in all occupations. The students should work hard and give their best. But getting 90-95% need not be the only aim of the students.

Skill development initiatives are there and they can take benefit of those too. The country will not thrive just because everyone wants to become an officer.

What is your message to the students of your constituency?

Personally I would like to bring changes into the mentality of the bureaucracy. The public faces a lot of hurdles due to the attitude of the bureaucracy .

I want to arouse the nations youth to bring change in this. Even to those who have been selected in IAS / IPS cadre should know that from my 25 years of experience in the field of public service I believe that all of the hurdles faced by the public can be removed if the IAS officers work with passion.

The next generation should note this. It is important to be a great person and secure yourself financially. But a person should also work for the benefit of the public as they are looking up towards the officers to solve their grievances.