Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. The UPSC CSE is one which all aspirants who wish to become IAS/ IPS officers should give. The exam is conducted once a year in August. The Application forms are accepted from April to May.

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Ans. The UPSC CSE is a tough exam with 11 lakh aspirants attempting it every year. The Exam has three stages. Stage I: Civil service Aptitude test with two papers. General studies I and II. Stage II: Descriptive papers. Stage III: Interview. The Sample preparation tips and other details are given below.

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Ans. As per 7th Pay Commission Norms.

    Junior Scale
50000 - 10000
Senior time scale
50000 - 150000
Junior Administrative Grade 50000 - 150000
Selection Grade 100000 - 200000
Super Time Scale 100000 - 200000
Above Super Time Scale 100000 - 200000
Apex Scale 225000
Cabinet Secretary 250000

Ans. No. Interview and Mains examination are both different entities. Though it is believed by many that Interviews are "Based on Luck Factor". But this is not the case. Though interview marks [275 marks] are less as compared to Mains examination [1750 marks]. But the low score given in Mains exams means Interview often play deciding factor in the merit list.

Ans. Many toppers have suggested putting in 5 hours of daily preparation. If this can be managed then yes you can. A job provides you a feeling of security and this could make you complacent. On the other hand Full time preparation might put pressure on you if you don't make it in first 2-3 attempts.

Ans. No. All study material can be found on Keep practicing. Follow the study plan and don't give up. Race I.A.S. is a Marathon not a 100 m sprint.

Ans. No. However if you are not comfortable with self study then you should study with a mentor or guide. You might need to explain your poor academic record during the interviews too.

Ans. Your success in U.P.S.C. is defined not by your college or University or academic performance or profession, but by the size of your dreams.
Ans.  Sample selection data from U.P.S.C. 2015.

Ans.  If you have a passion for serving the nation or society. If community service attracts you. Then you should join the Government. And what better position to join than the top most position in the Government i.e. I.A.S.
Ans.  Wasting time on online forums; Reading all useless details in newspapers; Not reading the syllabus properly;Trying to copy ‘Toppers Strategies’; Day dreaming about which schemes and policies to implement when you become I.A.S; Buying unnecessary number of books; Reading too much irrelevant information / facts / data; Not practicing enough answer writing.
Ans.  Study N.C.E.R.T. Books from Std VI to XII of subjects like Science, History, Geography, Economics, Political Science. Keep a habit of reading Newspapers like Times of India, Economic Times, Indian express. Revise from the notes given on this website to check your know ledge. The Graduation stream you choose should be as per your liking and there is not as per what increases your chances of selection in I.A.S.